“Mom, it’s In His Nose!” Episode 2

Mom it’s In His Nose! Episode 2

            I was sitting on the living room chair watching the little kids while they were playing with their toys. I watched as Dina smacked Dontae for taking her toy. I watched as Dontae shoved Dina for smacking him. I didn’t find it necessary to intervene, quite frankly they both deserved it and it is a lesson that each of them will have to learn on their own one day. If it got out of control, I would have done something about it, but then all was well.

After a few minutes of them sitting quiet (mothers beware), I glanced down to see what they were up to. I watched as my son put a hair bead into his mouth. I told him not to ever put anything in his mouth. A few seconds later my son is sniffling hard and whining. I glanced down at him and his finger was half up his nose. I told him to get his fingers out of his nose. He looked at me and whined. After the first episode of my son doing this, I knew right away to look into his nose to see if he shoved anything up there.

Much to my dismay, I saw the blue bead right away. It was crammed as far into his nose as humanly possible. Tweezers were not going to work. I put my son’s shoes on him, woke my husband up from a nap, and took my child to the hospital. I couldn’t believe the doctor was so wrong the first time around. My son did exactly what the doctor said he wouldn’t do. I walked into the hospital and ironically I got the same doctor I had the last time I was at the hospital with my son and his literally stuffed nose.

“Hi do you remember me?” I asked eyes and voice showing my frustration.

“No. Should I?” The doctor asked confused.

“Perhaps you should. I was in here last time for the same reason. It took four doctors to extract the object out of his nose. Well, he planted one in there again.”

The doctor took a light and looked into my son’s nostril. He shook his head and informed me that he would be back in a minute. I waited.

The doctor came back with an instrument in a plastic bag. He explained how the instrument worked, and after he extracted the bead from my son’s nose, he kindly asked me if I could throw the instrument away for him that he absentmindedly forgot to. I looked at him strangely, confused by the request since he had the tool and the garbage was standing right next to him.

He smiled at me as he headed out of the room, leaving the instrument on the bed, and stated, “You shouldn’t have to worry about coming back to the hospital for the same reason again.” He smiled and wished me well.

I picked up the tool, grateful for the instructions on how to use it, and began to laugh. I leave the hospital, get into the car, and called my mom. “You will never guess what,” I said.

“What?” She asked confused.

“My son puts things up his nose so often that the hospital gave me the instrument to get the objects out!” My mom and I both cracked up!

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