“Mom, it’s In His Nose!” Episode 3

Mom it’s In His Nose! Episode 3

 Cooking. I seem to spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen. Sometimes I find serenity in the idea that I am creating something that causes my husband and children excess happiness, all-the-while keeping them alive. Perhaps that is why I have a weight problem. I feel like I am always in the kitchen.

Aside from the typical scene in the midst of the kitchen, my kitchen tends to have a little bit of unusual tendencies. For example, as I am sure you figured this out by now; my son has a strange relationship with his nose. I am not sure where this stems from nor am I sure what Freud would theorize about that particular obsession. However, it is something I have learned to accept and embrace about my boy. Therefore, I have gotten somewhat accustomed to my unique kitchen routine. I will share this routine with you, so you can not only understand this story better, but you can also appreciate the strange quirks in children.

Daily when I am getting ready to prepare dinner, my son comes running into the kitchen to see what it is I’m cooking. My son is not the only one, for whatever reason when I am cooking; my family tends to congregate in the kitchen. My oldest daughter leans against the refrigerator and tells me about her friends and issues in school. My middle child is fascinated by the science of cooking and how things look when the heat touches the food. My husband enjoys watching me bent over an oven and putting effort into the food. My son enjoys the scent of the food alone.

As I open the bottles of spices, my son has to smell each spice. By the time my son turned two, he was able to blindly identify the difference between seasoning salt, Mrs. Dash, black pepper, and cinnamon. He could name them without ever seeing the bottle. It seemed to be an obsession with him that he refused to leave the kitchen until he smelled the spices I was using for that day. I even asked the doctor about it, and the doctor told me to embrace his quirks, but teach him how not to smell poisons.

I decided it couldn’t hurt him that he enjoyed smelling and then noting spices, so I allowed him his routine. One day in particular, I was cooking some chicken and I grabbed the black pepper from the spice rack. My son came bellowing through the dining room and I knew what it was he wanted. I put the can of pepper down to my waste, so he could reach it with his nose. Unfortunately he took a long hard whiff of it and the next thing I know, he starts crying. I ask him, “what’s the matter.”

“Mommy I got pepper in my nose.” Immediately his nose starts running. I smiled and got a tissue and helped him to wipe his nose. The sneezing began. My son sneezed continuously, wiped, sneezed some more, the nose ran, and the sneezing continued. I had thought that the idea that pepper made people sneeze was a hoax. I was mistaken. Pepper actually causes people to sneeze.

I went into the bathroom and grabbed a big thing of tissue and helped him to blow into it. My son blew hard and I got a fistful of pepper into the tissue. His little nose was red and irritated and for the next hour and a half, my son was squirting pepper out of his nose and sneezing. He cried and had a fit.

After about an hour and a half, and him refusing to eat his dinner until the pepper was successfully removed, my son began to holler and scream. The pepper was embedded into his nose and it was not coming out fast enough. I got some saline solution to help him out, and eventually it did the trick. However, the pepper changed my son’s life. Now, when he comes into the kitchen to smell my spices, he says to me, “Mommy I don’t want to smell pepper, it burns my nose and makes me sneeze.” When I use pepper, he jerks his head away and begs me not to put pepper on his food. I laugh every time.

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