Where’s His Tail?

Where’s His Tail?
I had come up with the brilliant idea that my oldest daughter needed a pet. She was two-years-old and I was apprehensive about animals. I am not in the least bit an animal lover, but I do understand the benefits of caring for a pet. I went to the pet store and talked to the owner about my dilemma. I knew I wanted a pet, but I needed something that was low maintenance, easy to take care of, good with children, and not expensive.
Much to my surprise the pet shop owner told me that he had the perfect pet. He added that I may disagree with him, but he also informed me that this pet, if I opened my mind enough, would be an exceptional gift to my young daughter. I asked him what the pet was and his response was a Schneider’s Skink. I thought about it for a moment and much to the owners’ surprise my response was excitement. I love reptiles.
I purchased everything I would need in order to care for the lizard. I was elated at the idea of my daughter having such a cool mom. Seriously, how many moms buy their two-year-old daughter an orange and grey lizard? I felt like the mom of the year!
After my daughter had her lizard for a few months, she never really cared for it the way I expected her to. She didn’t seem to care that she had a pet after all of the begging and excitement was over. She would hardly hold him, she didn’t want to feed him (who can blame her, he ate crickets and dead mice), and she was afraid of him in the middle of the night when he would become active and dig.
I tried my hardest to get my daughter to love her pet. One day I was walking around with the lizard on my shoulder. She looked as if she wanted to hold him, so I handed him to her. I placed him gently on her arm and immediately he crawled up to her shoulder/neck area. Ile’ became scared and pulled him off of her by his tail. I watched cautiously as my baby was holding her lizard upside down by the slender tail. I scolded my daughter, and my daughter jumped, the lizard jumped, and the tail remained in my daughter’s hand, wiggling as if it were a single snake just plucked out of the grass.
I looked at the dangling tail and screamed. My daughter screamed. Her hand was frozen in shock as the lizard’s tail was absent-mindedly swinging back and forth. That was the last bonding moment between my daughter and her pet lizard. It was also the time that I realized it took more than just cool presents to be the mom of the year. Fortunately, the lizard was absolutely fine, though I can’t say the same about my daughter…

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