Call The Fire Department!

Call The Fire Department!

Shopping is hell for some parents. Ironically and only as God would have it, I am one of those people in which shopping is totally excruciating for. If you ask me if I want to go shopping don’t be surprised if I go into panic mode and freak out. I despise taking my kids shopping. I didn’t realize how much I despised it until my son was one, and Brandina, my middle child, was two- almost three.

We were walking through Hobby Lobby looking for my friend a graduation present. Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores and typically I can find anything there. As I was walking through the aisles, I spotted exactly what I wanted! I was excited, but unfortunately for me it was on the top shelf. The item I wanted was quite heavy and quite high comparatively. After constantly telling my oldest daughter that I wasn’t going to purchase it for her, and hearing her disgruntled replies, I finally asked her to be quiet and to watch the younger siblings so I could pay attention in order to get the item off the shelf. She reluctantly agreed.

Most people seem not to have a problem trying to pull an item off a shelf. However, as you might have guessed, I’m not most people. My son loved to try and climb out of the cart. He was sitting in the front seat and would desperately kick and scream and try and climb and it was always a chore to keep him confined. My youngest daughter also despised being confined. Hobby Lobby doesn’t have big carts so my youngest daughter was in her glory, being able to walk freely.

So, as you can already imagine, my one year old son is terrorizing the store with his screaming. My two-year-old daughter was hopping and skipping. My oldest daughter was whining about what she wanted, and my back is turned, on full tippy toes, grabbing a heavy item from the top of the shelf, and this is when I heard it…

“Mom!” At this moment, I am in a predicament because I cannot turn my head without allowing the item to crash to the floor, nor can I take the time to figure out how to get the big box down; so I am forced to ignore the sound, push the item back up to the top shelf so I can turn my head and see what the hollering is about. As I am violently shoving the item back onto the shelf, I hear, “Mom, it’s an emergency!” followed by crying from the youngest girl. I gave the box a hard shove and turned around to see my two-year-old girl lying on the floor of the store with her head shoved at the bottom of the shopping cart, totally stuck.

Brandina is screaming and Ileyah is in panic mode. “Mom, do you want me to call an ambulance?” Ileyah asks, hands shaking while grabbing for my cell phone. I bent down and pulled at my baby’s head. It was lodged tightly in there. As I was trying to hide my frustration, humiliation, and panic, I had a moment in there to think.

Suddenly, I am in the fifth grade listening to a fire man tell the class, “If you ever get stuck, remember if something was able to get into the situation, it can come out.” I then realized that my daughters head was somehow able to get cramped in there like that, so there has to be a way to get it out.

I assessed the situation for a moment and then realized what my child did. She turned her head almost backwards to fit it under the cart and then she managed to tilt it a different direction- the weird angle along with her body weight made it so it couldn’t be turned back. I grabbed my screaming child’s forehead and the nape of her neck and twisted it the way it was supposed to be. Then I grabbed her and pulled her head out of the cart.

Brandina toddled off the floor and embraced me harder than I have ever felt her embrace me. Ileyah hollered, “Whoa, Mom that was awesome!” It was at that particular moment when I realized that the smallest things we do can have a huge impact on anyone. It was also at that moment that I realized it didn’t take much to be a hero.

My face was flushed with nerves as I picked up my kid and carried her while my other daughter pushed the cart. At checkout I just so happened to see my best friend Hershey staring at me. I grabbed him and a second one just in case…

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