“Gimme the Monkey!”

Gimme The Monkey!

I was sitting in the recliner with my feet up and laptop on my lap, while the two youngest children, Dina, age 4 at the time, and Dontae age 2 were sitting on the floor playing.

I was off in my own little world half listening to the children, half focused on my homework. Every now and again I would hear one of them squeal or yell, and I would look over my computer to see that they were being good. I smiled as I watched the two of them happily playing on their little computers.

The next time I looked, I saw my precious children sitting together playing on the youngest child’s computer. They had ditched Dina’s computer to the side because apparently the play music is better on this one.

I got back to my work and was frustrated to hear the arguing begin.

“Gimme the monkey Dina!”

“It’s not a monkey!” Dina said, frustrated as she shoved her little brother away from her.

“I said gimme me it!”  Dontae shoved his sister back and was preparing to smack her in the head.

“Dina and Dontae! That’s enough! Now you two share nicely or their will be no more computers!” I added my two cents to the chaos.

“Mom Dina’s not sharing! She won’t gimme the monkey!”

“I said, IT AIN’T A MONKEY!” Dina was standing up and hostile. “Mom, Dontae keeps calling it a monkey!” She looked at me as if I had a clue to what she’s talking about.

I assessed the situation the best way I possibly could. Dina was holding onto the computer and Dontae was grabbing at it. I had no clue to what the problem was, but apparently the frustration was high.

“You guys need to share or I’m taking it away. I mean it!” I tried again.

My son obviously agitated came up to me and his tears were pouring out of his face. “Momma, Dina won’t share the monkey! Tell her to gimme it.”

“Dontae, you don’t have a monkey.” I helplessly stated.

“Dontae, I told you it’s not a monkey, it’s a MOUSE!” Dina held up the computer mouse and the whole thing dawned on me. I bent over and began to laugh. My poor son was frustrated and couldn’t understand the humor. My daughter was refusing to share and was completely startled by my laughter. The tears began to escape my face I was laughing so hard. Soon the kids started laughing too.

The words, “Share the mouse”, could hardly escape my mouth.  To this day the thought of “monkey” makes me giggle. Kids.

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