The Bunny Rabbit

The Bunny Rabbit

Sometimes we as parents have to sit back and think to ourselves, “how in the world did our kids become so… themselves?” Sure, it doesn’t make sense now, as it didn’t to me either. However, yesterday I was sitting at the dining room table. I was discussing with my husband the tedious duty of cleaning the rabbit’s cage.

Our rabbit is another story that I will tell at a later time. This story on the other hand has to do with our children’s perception on life. I sometimes get them totally, and other times I have no clue how they come up with the things that they come up with.

For instance, as I was conversing with my hubby about cleaning out the cage and asking him kindly for his assistance, my daughter Dina says to me, “Momma, I will help clean the cage. Dontae can hold the bunny and I will hold the garbage bag.” I smiled at my daughter and didn’t answer her yet.

My husband said to me (obviously he never cleaned the rabbit’s cage before), “why do you need help with the cage?”

“Because, I need someone to hold the bag while I grab the metal part and pour it into the garbage.”

“I’m not touching rabbit poop.”

I rolled my eyes at my husband, thinking how he could possibly be turned off by rabbit poop when he never had any reservations changing the children’s diapers. Regardless, I shrugged my shoulders and said I would do it the next day when Ile’, my other daughter, would be home to help me.

My daughter Dina re approached me this time with Dontae on her heels. “Momma, I said I can help you clean the cage. I can hold the garbage bag and Dontae can hold the bunny.”

I said, “Dina, you’re too little baby, I need big hands to help me.”

Dontae said, “I’m not holding the bunny. I’m scared of bunny rabbits. I’m scared of lions, and dinosaurs, and dragons, and teddy bears too!”

The whole room silenced and stared at my son. The next thing I know, we were all in hysterics. Who puts a bunny in the same category as a dinosaur? Leave it to the thought process of a three-year-old!

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