Bugs Bunny and Life


Bugs Bunny and Life

I was sitting in the kitchen watching my mom as she was cutting some carrots for her Thanksgiving dinner. I remember the days going to my family’s house for dinner on the holidays. It was fun. Never peaceful, never quiet, but always fun. It was just recently that I started cooking the Thanksgiving dinners for my family. It is definitely not the same as in the past, but it is still nice.

I was slicing fruit for the fruit salad, my mom was cutting carrots, and my sister was picking in the food stealing some pieces of fruit, all of us were smiling and laughing. The Detroit Lions were playing their annual football game and all the men were congregated around the 60 inch television that occupies my mother’s living room.

My oldest daughter was approximately five-years-old at the time. As the only grandchild among the family (at that time), she was wandering between the rooms trying to find the right place to be. All of the women were cooking, and she would be moved several times to get out of the way of the oven. The men were watching the game and she was constantly getting picked on for standing in front of the television for blocking their view.

Finally she found a spot on the floor in between the two rooms and she stood there with her arms folded across her chest and a scowl on her face. My mom looked at my child and felt bad. My mother smiled as a light bulb went off in her mind. She picked up the biggest carrot she could find and peeled it. Finally she gave it to my daughter and said, “Her Ile’ you can have a carrot and be just like Bugs Bunny.”

My daughter grinned ear to ear. She grabbed the carrot and started to eat it. She looked at my mom, satisfied, and walked out of the room. A few minutes later she came back into the room and sat on the floor with her carrot. My mother, being as grandmotherly as she could, grabbed a carrot of her own and said, “What’s up Doc?”

Ile’ looked at her with confusion across her face and just smiled. My poor mother started hopping up and down and said, “What’s up Doc?” while taking a crunchy bite of the carrot. “See, I’m just like Bugs Bunny,” my mother announced proudly.

Ile’ turned and looked at me and said, “Momma who is Bugs Bunny?”

My mother’s mouth just about hit the floor. The entire room erupted into laughter. “How does she not know Bugs Bunny?” My mom asked innocently.

I had to inform my mother that Dora was the new Bugs Bunny. We all laughed as we sat there feeling old and antiquated. Even my face showed shame of my daughter not knowing my childhood beloved cartoon. I sat there silently wondering, along with my mom and sister, “when did we get old?”

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