Those Jokers

Those Jokers

My daughter started middle school this past year. She is a beautiful little girl with a very kind but sometimes naïve heart. I decided to have another talk with her about boys. She and I were on our way to pick up my youngest daughter. We had a few minutes, so we were sitting in the car waiting for the bell to ring.

“Ile, you are getting big now, I know that you are going to be looking at boys and things, so I just want you to know- I don’t mind, I just want you to be smart.” I smiled lovingly at my daughter in hopes that she understood what I was saying. I decided she needed to hear it though I didn’t want to say it, so I added, “You are not going to be having sex. Do I make myself clear?”

“Mom, are you serious? I know that already. You’re embarrassing me!” She rolled her eyes and looked out the window.

I said, “I don’t mind if you have a boyfriend. The entire time you are in the middle school, you are only allowed to hold hands. Nothing else. Get it?”

“I get it Mom… Wait… You said I can have a boyfriend?” Her cheeks turned a little more pink than normal.

“Yes. I don’t mind if you have a boyfriend, but you can only hold hands and talk on the phone for a few minutes.” She shrugged her shoulders and said nothing. I decided that the conversation was nice and clear, that everything went smoothly. I decided to pick on her for a second. “So are there any boys in the school that you like, or think is cute?”

“Heck no Mom! I’m not interested in those jokers!” She rolled her eyes again.

I smiled from ear-to-ear. I must have done something right as a mother because my baby isn’t interested in boys yet! I began to laugh. The laugh of an accomplished mother and I gave my daughter a high five. Just then I looked out the window and saw a boy walking down the street staring at my daughter. He must have been about 16 years old. Much to my surprise, my daughter was holding his glance.

My jaw about hit the floor. Suddenly I didn’t think “those jokers” were such a bad idea after all!


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