A Horrifying Parenting Moment

A Horrifying Parenting Moment

My kids are wonderful little people, but there comes a time in life when sometimes they don’t get the severity of what they are saying. Sometimes their words can turn my blood cold and make me have to stop to tell them what they are saying is completely wrong. These are the moments the television gets blamed, though in reality, my kids do not watch violence on TV.

My daughter was in the car crying over how one of her classmates wants to kill her rabbit. My son says, “If she kills your rabbit I will kick her.” I was listening to the conversation, wondering why anyone would want to harm the rabbit at all.

We arrived home and my son says to our pet rabbit, “Hi Sally, someone wants to kill you, but don’t worry I will punch them in the face first.” He proceeds to hug the bunny and then he runs into the house. The next thing I know my son and daughter are contemplating how they are going to protect their beloved pet.

I hear, “I’m a ninja samurai. I will kill them with my sword if they try to hurt our bunny!”

My daughter was egging him on, “Yeah, we will protect Sally!”

My son says, “I will take my sword and spill their guts all over!”

My daughter innocently and matter of factly said, “No your sword won’t spill enough guts, you need a gun.”

My blood stopped. My heart may have stopped too. In all of the innocence in the world, reality hit me. My kids have no idea the severity of what they are discussing while their intentions are totally good and innocent. That’s when I had to discuss the severity of violence and how guns are not the right tool to use out of anger. I also discussed the power of forgiveness and love. In today’s society guns are so common that it was actually a frightening thing to hear my kids discussing them. Thirty years ago, the same conversation would have been humorous and still innocent. Man have times changed!

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