Kids and Bats

Okay, so the other day there was a bat in the house. How we got rid of it is a story for another time. The point of this one is the different ways that children think…


Oldest child- Ileyah- It was 4:00 in the morning when she woke us up with a terrified screech. She came billowing into the hallway with a blanket over her head screaming on the top of her lungs, “MOM- DAD- There’s a bat in my room- Right by my face!!!!” She plummeted through the hall, sliding on the wooden floor and dove into the younger childrens’ bedroom. 


After fighting off the bat (as noted above, details later) I walked into the bedroom where all three kids were sitting in their beds totally awake.  I exhaustedly informed them that they could all go back to sleep because the bat was gone. 


Youngest child- Dontae- “Daddy was like the Incredible Hulk! He did the Hulk smash to the bat!” He was thrilled as he viewed his father as the hero. He was standing on his bed in just a tee shirt and his underpants, making big muscles as he gleefully hopped around pretending to smash things.


Middle child- Brandina- Please keep in mind a week prior she exclaimed her destiny to be a vetrenarian. After crossing her arms and exaggeratingly rolling her eyes, at the very mature age of six she explained, “It was just a fruit bat. They eat berries and poop. They don’t bite. The worst that’s gonna happen is they poop on your head. There was no need for the Hulk smash.” 


I went to bed cracking up at the very different responses from my three children. The responses fit their personalities to a tee. I love it and thought I would share, since I enjoy hearing “kid stories” as much as I love telling them. 

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