The Sweet Moments

The Sweet Moments

I was laying still in the bed- quietly listening to the waves hit the shoreline. It wasn’t the ocean, but in Michigan the lakes are just the same. I could smell the sweet scent of the late summer morning. I knew it had rained, the air felt crisp but kind. I was breathing slowly and deeply. I held my mind still, not wanting my thoughts to ruin the moment. I was enjoying the morning silence.

Unexpectedly I felt the warm weight of his chubby hand caressing my forehead. I felt the soft skin of her cheek rest gently against my calf. My youngest children had woken up. I didn’t move, I just enjoyed the closeness of my babies. My son was stroking my hair, while humming a sweet tune to a song that only his mind knew and a mother could love. My daughter was resting on me, her hand graciously rubbing my ankle.

I breathed in deeply. Almost as if I were trying to suck the oxygen right out of the room. I was calm and content. I felt the breeze sweep in against my hair. I had a nostalgic thought that I was trying to ignore. That’s when I felt the drip on my face. At first I assumed it was the rain coming into the room. But then a few moments later, I felt another drop. Soon there were some rolling down my calf. I opened my eyes and glanced at my children.

I saw the tears flowing steadily down their faces. I had no idea what was wrong. It was such a perfect morning, I couldn’t imagine them being saddened about anything- but perhaps I could. I could relate, there was something hurting inside of me too.

“What’s the matter guys?”

“Mommy, we had so much fun on this trip, we don’t wanna go home. We wanna stay forever and ever.”

My heart skipped a beat. My bottom lip trembled as I realized my children voiced my own feelings better than I ever could. It was Monday morning. Monday- the day we are supposed to head back home. Monday marked the day that the fun was over. Family time was no longer. School resumed, work returned, and normalcy started from where it left off. Vacation was over and no matter how badly I wanted to continue on, I had things I had to get back to.

I pulled my children in closer and allowed my own tears to drop down my face and toward the pillow. I heard the tiny thumps as they landed on the sham. I inhaled the fresh air one last time. It was time to get up. Even the sweetest moments have to come to an end. 

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