The Children Die


The news reports another child shot and then died

His family alone dealing with the pain inside


The media questions who is at fault

The funeral homes making money on closing each vault


Sincerely consider who is to blame

Is it these children playing this game?


Is it the mothers who are not at home

Leaving their babies on the streets to roam?


Is it the daddies who will not give hugs

Proud of their kiddos for becoming thugs?


Is it society turning a blind eye

Playing on their phones while our young people die?


Is it the cops who think it’s fun

Going around bullying people with their gun?


Is it the government that doesn’t care

If they get the vote or not is their biggest scare?


Is it the media our children see

The violent images shown on TV?


Or the video games people play

Getting excited as victims are blown away.


I think it’s time for us to take a stand

Go to your neighbors and shake his hand


Watch as the kids go down your street

This may mean literally getting up on your feet


Say hello and wave good-bye

This may seem strange but give it a try


All these moms staying up at night

Praying to God and living in fright.


I watch the news with tears in my eyes

A stray bullet hit as another child dies

-Christina Cooper

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