New Year’s Resolution

My new year’s resolution is not to lose weight. I’m not going to start the new year off trying to eat healthy and then whine because I want a candy bar. I am not going to insist on keeping my house “spotless” when I know that I have three children running through it. I don’t want to change my religion, I might go for anew years doctoral degree but not right now, and if a job falls in my lap, cool, if not I’m not going to worry about that either.

My marriage is awesome, so I’m not going to worry about working on my relationship. My children are healthy and God takes care of them for me anyway. I don’t want any more animals, and unless I’m dying of cancer or something of that nature, I have no bad habits that I am going to work on changing.

I think on my life and realize I’m living day-to-day in a habitual world with habitual situaitons. Even though we are people of habits, I tend to hate them. I desire change- almost constantly. I enjoy problem solving and working with people because people are unpredictable. People feel, they have emotions, they strive for greatness and though they don’t necessarily know how to accomplish this, they desire it anyway.

Similar to the people I work with, I strive for greatness too. I would like to positively affect people on a deeper level and show them how their lives have purpose. However, we cannot instill greatness in someone’s life unless we are achieving greatness in our own too, right? I’m sure the answer is wrong. Someone going through problems of their own still have the ability to affect another person’s life- regardless of the problems either person is dealing with. Meaning, I may be living with my kind of stress but can enlighten you on your kind of stress.

Perhaps my new year’s resolution should be stress management, but it’s not going to be that either. Perhaps the spontanaeity I desire is only accomplished through task-management. For example, I desire more than anything in this world to be a full time writer. In which case, I need to finish the novels I have started. I love to paint, I need to paint. I enjoy softball, I need to join a team. If I would like to destress, I need to take time for self-care. When we decide to gain an education, we are not able to just say, “I need a degree in psyhchology!” and then go get one. No. One needs to do the tasks it takes to get one. That means writing papers, doing group projects, interviewing audiences, taking tests, and paying for the documents. The same is said for any goal we must accomplish. One doesn’t just write a book. There is thought, detail, story-boarding, editing, submitting, and a ton of other things that go along with it. One doesn’t gain a new job, they need to fill out applications, interview, research, and perhaps they will succeed.

My new year’s resolution is going to be to accomplish small tasks that leads to major progress. The point, I’m not going to look at 2015 and say, “I didn’t accomplish anything in a year.” Just like I see in 2014- I got my license in social work, started two different jobs, coached tee-ball, finished and submitted a novel, and started the plan for a non-profit organization that I would like to start one day. 2015 is going to be the same. Each goal starts somewhere. I will not simply state a desire and expect it to happen. Perhaps this thought is non-commital, perhaps it is intelligent. Either way, I am not going to limit myself to one expectation while I’m burning with desire to accomplish other aspects of my life. I simply state, for 2015 I will work on several different tasks and at the end of the year I will see what unfolds.

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