Our Souls Connected

Our Souls Connected

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Have you ever felt drawn to somebody for no apparent reason? Perhaps you were walking through the grocery store and you felt an instant connection with somebody who was standing in line. Suddenly you get a strange feeling rushing through your veins, one that you cannot explain, but is just as prominent as your beating heart.  A small part of you from somewhere way down deep in your subconscious feels as if you were in a different place in life, in a different time, that this person would be your spouse, best friend, child, etc.

I feel that from time-to-time. It’s like I’ve met people and just had a really strange and unique connection. One that made me feel as if my life took a different turn of events, I would likely be married to the person I was standing near, or perhaps they would have been my best friend. That feeling, when I get it, always strikes me as odd. I feel nostalgic or somewhat melancholy as I leave wherever I am, wondering what that feeling was all about. My imagination drifts off to, “what if I would have went to art school, how would this person have impacted my life, if at all?”

I try and reconcile whatever it is I’m feeling with how it doesn’t make sense that a person could be connected on a deeper level without ever meeting before. Though I try and make up reasons for this strange phenomenon, something inside of me feels that it’s quite possible though our bodies have never met, our souls have. I have learned through talking to friends who work with terminally ill people that the weight of a person alive and the weight just after their death are never the same, regardless if the person was weighed only moments before. This convinces me that the soul is real and carries weight.

I have also come to understand that people marry people, regardless if they are a good match or not. People can make or convince their bodies to feel something that they wouldn’t or even shouldn’t feel. For example, we all know the girl that married the guy that beats her every time she doesn’t obey him. It’s easy for an outsider to see that the couple is not good, however, try and convince the person in the relationship of that. It’s a never-ending battle. Even being involved in that type of relationship, the conscious mind knows the other person is “bad” for them, but they still feel too involved to leave.

I am convinced that God has specific people in our life that we meet at random times. I believe that we have a person or even people that our souls recognize that our body doesn’t. There are far too many times I’ve heard the stories of elderly people who found “love at first sight” years ago and when one passed away, the other one passed away with them. It may have took a couple of weeks or so, but that person was so distraught over losing a “part of them” that they essentially died that day. I believe we have all met or will meet our soulmate and we feel it when we do, regardless of what we decided to do with our life. I think marriages would prosper if we all waited until our souls connected instead of marrying the first person that asks.

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