Blood Thirsty

Blood Thirsty

It was nearing midnight, I was laying in my bed barely drifting off to sleep when I heard the dog barking. I knew the storm was moving in and I figured she heard the branches tapping against the windowpanes.  I ignored her cry as I flipped to my other side. I am to assume that is when it entered my room, maliciously and silently.

I sensed it approaching me. I lay there quietly, listening, trying to comprehend what it was I was feeling. My heart was racing. This must have excited it because that is when I felt the sharp pierce to my jugular. The thought of this monster sucking the life right out of me made me dizzy.

For a moment’s time I felt like I was in an alternative version to the Twilight series. I was Bella laying helplessly in the bed as Edward lustfully quenched his thirst with my blood. His cold greedy hands would pour over my helpless body as I was imagining a life with a warm, muscular werewolf. I faintly heard the dog bark again. I should have gotten up to let it out and none of this would have happened.

I let out a barely audible sigh when my husband flipped over towards me. He saw what was going on and as the superhero he has always been, wearing nothing but some boxer briefs and a wife beater, he aided in my rescue. My husband gallantly attacked the demon that was still latched onto me. I couldn’t help but think how brave, how strong, how…

“Nina, can you grab me a tissue, I gotta wipe mosquito guts off of my hand…”

The End

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