The Fruit from Eden: A Christian’s Common Mistake and My Personal Pet Peeve

The Fruit from Eden: A Christian’s Common Mistake and My Personal Pet Peeve

I remember sitting in Sunday school as a little girl, my tights were bunched at the ankle- the crotch hanging down to my knees, and my black patent leather shoes scuffed at the toe. The Sunday school teacher was talking as I was coloring the lesson for the day.

I only remember three lessons ever taught in Sunday school. That’s right, three. I went to Sunday school for approximately 8 years. I only remember three lessons and the unfortunate part is that the three lessons I remember were all wrong. No, I’m not saying they taught me wrong, that wouldn’t be a fair statement. It is likely I only half-listened, or even more possible, I allowed my imagination to take me away (that still happens).

The first lesson that I remember learning wrong had to do with Passover, and I sincerely was terrified to go to bed at night for a couple of years. I thought for sure, being the oldest child and all that I would die. I begged my parents to put lambs blood on the door. Much to my dismay, they refused. I would beg God for salvation as I totally feared going to sleep. That’s a story for a different day.

The other lesson, also a story for a different day, had to do with unicorns. My Sunday school teacher (assuming I remember correctly) explained to me that unicorns didn’t get on the ark and that is why they don’t exist. I thought that was dumb. How come God told Noah that all the animals would appear, but the unicorn didn’t? I was too intelligent in my young age because even then I hated limitations on God. I will get into that one later as well.

The third lesson, which I remember learning, again wrong, was Adam and Eve. Now this one, I know I learned it wrong, because I’ve seen adults to this day argue with me about this situation. We all know (hopefully) that God made Adam, God felt bad for Adam and made him a partner- Eve, from there God said eat all fruit except from the two trees in the middle, Eve was tempted by Satan, Eve ate the fruit and that brings me to my next and possibly only point…

Eve ate the fruit. She then persuaded Adam to eat the fruit. This fruit was from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This tree is a tree nobody has ever seen before. This tree was unique and special. If it wasn’t for this tree and Eve eating its fruit, there would be no sin. The fruit in which Eve ate was special. Ladies and gentlemen the fruit was not an apple! It drives me crazy that people call the fruit an apple.

“Christina, why does it matter if the fruit was unique or an apple? Who cares?!?”

The reason why it matters is because once again, it limits God. I can’t stand it when people justify what God does with their own earthly, non-intelligent explanations. Can God make a camel enter the eye of a needle- an ACTUAL sewing needle? YES! Can God REALLY part the Red Sea? Not just a subdivision of the Red Sea, but the ACTUAL Red Sea? YES! People turn God into something they can fathom. Unfortunately for most, we cannot fathom the glory of God. We would go blind or die looking at him. If that is the case, why in the world are we trying to limit him into things that make us comfortable?

I know, I have a lot of friends that don’t believe in God, let alone blind faith. That’s okay, that’s their decision. However, for those of us who do believe in God, please for the sake of all Christians and humanity, please stop putting him in a box that you created. God is powerful and unfathomable. So please, I beg you, when you teach children’s church remember that it was not an ordinary apple, but definitely a powerful fruit made by God.

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