The Love of a City

With so much negative talk about living in the city these days, I would like to give some positive perspectives about city living, or Muskegon living specifically…

  • The sound of the city is beautiful. I constantly hear people in rural areas state how beautiful the sounds are. Specifically they discuss the sounds of crickets chirping, owls hooting, etc. In my opinion nothing beats the sounds of the city. In the wee hours of the morning, one can hear the clock tower chiming on every hour. If you listen carefully one can hear the train chugging its way through town, and pay even closer attention for the freighter ships coming through the water. Every Sunday morning the church bells ring, and often you will hear people laughing and chatting back and forth. The ambulances and firetrucks come alive at all hours and it signifies that you’re surrounded by the hustle and bustle of life. The sound of the city is mesmerizing.
  • The culture of city life is comforting. I work in Ludington, Hart, Walkerville, and Baldwin. It’s uncanny how many times I find myself feeling lost and alone among so many people who look the same. I despise it. I often feel like a societal misfit. I am used to that, but it’s still strange to have such a lack of culture. People hear that I’m from Muskegon and they immediately ask me, “When are you moving to Ludington.” My response has always been the same, “Ha! Never!” That’s the truth. I hate the area. I work there and go home every day, happy to see normalcy. Muskegon has a great mix of people. As many racial problems that America has been experiencing, go to Muskegon and you can see a wealth of people mixing together. Not only racially, but also economical differences, educational differences, religious differences, the list goes all the way down. Muskegon has a little bit of everything.
  • Muskegon pride hasn’t faded. When the newspaper publishes an article on MLive the comment section booms with insults and negative talk about why people are glad they don’t live here anymore. That’s the point. They don’t live here. Muskegon people’s comments are similar to this, “It’s a shame things like this are happening, where are the police? We need to come together as a community…” It’s amazing. Muskegon people have pride in their community. The whole, “Watch MUSkeGOn” campaign signifies that pride. We hate the crime too, but we love our city. Often people brag, “We’re from the Skee.” It’s the love of the city that we have in common whether it needs fixed or not.
  • We have natural resources that you can’t find in most cities. I love the fact that you’re in Muskegon and you get a taste of rural, suburban, urban, forest, Lake Front, and dunes all within a few miles of each other. If there is a resource one is seeking they are likely to find it in Muskegon. We have it all. Also, speaking of natural resources, they allow for four seasons of sports and entertainment. What other city can you go sledding, snowmobiling, play beach volleyball, body surf, ski, play basketball, softball, soccer, horseback riding, dune buggying, all in one area? It’s awesome!

As many things that people are frustrated about with Muskegon these days, most specifically the crime and economics, think about what Muskegon has to offer. This is home to a wide variety of people. Muskegon is awesome. I’m glad people are finally paying attention and working on making this a better place. Muskegon is a city I’m happy to be a part of.

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