Discovering a Flea in the Home Causes Mental Illness

If a person is in their home and they discover a flea, it will lead to mental illness. Here are the signs and symptoms to look for:

  • Nervous ticks- The person who found the flea starts to scratch and itch all over the place. It doesn’t take long for one to notice the flea-finder hitting themselves or digging at their skin profusely.
  • Delusions- The person who found the flea will soon believe they are at war with fleas. They will announce things like, “I’m going to get you once and for all!”
  • Paranoia- This is a problem when the person who found the flea searches all of the beds and mutters words such as, “I know they’re here. They’ve got to be hiding somewhere. They’re just waiting for me to go to sleep so they can attack me!”
  • Hallucinations- The person who found the flea will start to look at every dark speck of anything and call it a flea.
  • Obsession- This occurs when the person constantly has fleas on their mind. They become obsessed with the idea of eliminating the fleas. Soon they will spend hours on Google searching safe and unsafe remedies to eliminate the flea problem.
  • Compulsion- This is when the person who discovered the flea will vacuum every place in the entire house, each nook and cranny, every time the dog comes in or out, they vacuum the rugs, over and over again.
  • Depression- Often the person will cry for no reason and wear loose, ugly clothing. They begin to isolate themselves and they start to smell like pesticide.
  • Mania- The person will soon quit sleeping and run through town with messy hair, laughing for no apparent reason and get overly excited each time they find a new remedy.
  • Catatonia- Often, you will see a person sitting/standing still for a period of time staring off at something that isn’t there, though they assume it’s a flea. They will not move or blink for this entire time. They are very quiet during this state.
  • Psychotic- After the person experiences each stage they end up psychotic. They will plot the murder of each tiny little flea, with no remorse or no regard to the flea’s family or feelings. It’s sad really. They have plotted and attempted each murder both thoughtfully and aggressively and doesn’t empathize at all with the flea family.

The next time you talk to someone who is experiencing a problem with fleas, remember to stay far away, to prevent toxic fumes from pesticide being sprayed at you. Also, please call a mental health professional right away and request a wellness check. Remember, this is flea season, always stand guard.

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