Part 2

Olivia grabbed the letter opener out of the drawer again. This time she forced the letter open, regardless of what it might say. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. No matter how worried or frustrated she was, she always knew she looked her best when she smiled.

Her hand was shaking as she forced the piece of paper from its shelter inside the envelope. The paper was wrinkled and looked as if it had been folded and refolded over and over again. Olivia allowed the tears to fall down her cheeks without bothering to wipe them away. She became dizzy and placed her hand on the coat which was hanging on the back of the chair, so she could steady herself. The leather from the coat felt soothing to her fingers as Olivia was trying to calm her racing thoughts.

She glanced back at the mirror. She barely recognized herself with the bags under her eyes. Her lip was trembling and her stomach felt like throwing up. Olivia shoved the letter back into the envelope and quickly locked everything back into the drawer where it belonged. She wasn’t strong enough yet. She just couldn’t bear to deal with the pain. “I will never forgive you!” Olivia sobbed uncontrollably and then collapsed onto the floor in front of the oval mirror.


Olivia didn’t want to admit that the man standing in front of her, with hands filthy from a huge fish, was quite attractive in a sort of rugged, boyish way of course. She could feel the butterflies flutter through her stomach as she tried to figure out what to do. Part of her wanted to stay and get to know this guy, but the other part felt as if the entire situation started on the wrong foot, that it was better for her to leave.

He must have read her mind because he said, “I’m memorized by you. I know I sound creepy, but seriously, if you pick the place I will be happy to take you there. Anywhere.” He shoved his hand in his pocket and looked at his work boot while waiting for her response.

She bit her bottom lip. “Fine. I’ll meet you there though. You can follow me.” Olivia felt her gut clench with excitement as soon as she said it. She turned around and then realized that she didn’t have her car with her. She had been running. “Uhh, I guess it’s gonna take a while longer than I thought. My car is a couple miles away. I forgot.” She said laughing.

“Do you want a ride to it?” He asked.

“Look, I have pepper spray on me. Don’t try any funny business.” Olivia stated, as she grabbed for her pepper spray. Immediately the pepper spray dropped from her hand and onto the ground. “Crap!” She sighed. “I’m such a clutz!” Olivia bent over to grab the pepper spray. He just leaned on the truck, laughing.

“I promise, you are far more dangerous to yourself than I would ever be toward you.” He said, through his laughter.

Olivia took a deep breath and got into the truck. The smell of fish permeated from the back seat. She crinkled up her nose.

“Hey I forgot about him.” He said. “Do you mind if I take a quick detour to my house so I can put the fish in the fridge?”

“Fine, but no funny business!” Olivia answered. “I’m staying in the truck while you’re there too.”

“Agreed.” He said.


Olivia lay on the floor smiling at the thought of their first interaction while she was still crying. Her head was throbbing between the combination of emotions. Olivia curled up into a fetal position and allowed herself to go back into time again. “I love you, Jeff.” She said and allowed her mind to wander back.

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