Fun with Words

She watched him as he approached her. She trembled slightly, absentmindedly biting her bottom lip. Since she was a young girl she longed for a guy to love her like this. Now she’s staring at him as he enters the bathroom doorway toward her.

He grabs her. She lets out a small gasp. She feels his warm hands against her cool skin. He adds some pressure. She holds her breath as she bites her lip fully. She bends her head back and squeezes her eyes shut. She lets out a little whimper.

“You’re okay.” He soothes her as he presses harder against her. He’s committed to finishing, she’s less sure. “Just relax.” He says, comforting her. He now has her with full force. She lets out a small yelp and then she noticed the white ooze leaving her body. She took a deep breath, feeling much better.

“Good?” He asks her.

“Great.” She says, smiling sheepishly. That’s when she added, “I have another one on my back, can you pop that too?”

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