Does Big Foot Exist?

Does Big Foot exist? This is a question that I ask myself, usually jokingly, in order to prove a point. My point is to not give up on hope. Why do I ask whether or not Big Foot exists in order to not give up on hope? The answer is simple, really. It’s because most people don’t believe Big Foot exists. For that reason alone, I am inspired.

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Inspiration can come in many forms or fashions. For me, the idea that the majority doesn’t believe it makes it possible in my brain. Perhaps my parents at times thought of me as obstinate and/or totally naïve. They would have been right on both sides. I am completely and totally obstinate. At times, I am also naïve. I used to feel sheepish about this, however, I have learned over the years that this is precisely why I have hope and optimism.

It is easy to say Big Foot doesn’t exist. Of course it is, you have never seen him. That’s more reason for me to wonder if he does- based off the fear and even embarrassment by the ones who feel they have. I can imagine myself being- God forbid me saying this- Christopher Columbus. He, obviously is not my favorite human in the world, however, the man stood up for what he believed in and ended up being right. People knew for years that the world was flat. Good ol’ Columbus thought and proved differently.

C.S. Lewis invented a place called Narnia. Beverly Cleary invented a girl named Ramona. Dr. Seuss put a hat on a cat. Stephen King invented a man named Wireman and one called Stuttering Bill. Harlan Coben created a monster of a plot twist- seriously to the last paragraph of the book! Christina Cooper invented a girl named, Norma Nudle and a boy named, Jamal ‘the ball’ Williams. If it wasn’t for the creators that questioned the things that people accept as absolutes, there would be none of the above.

Does Big Foot exist? I have no clue and I’ll leave it at that. I refuse to say he doesn’t, because in doing so, I will be depositing my dreams to the toilet. I refuse to say he does, because I get tired of naysayers stating it’s impossible. What’s impossible for you can be possible for me. It’s based on perspective and hope. Does Big Foot exist? I’m not sure, so perhaps I will write him a part in one of my books.