The Bible says that Christians will be persecuted. I had no clue that when atheists did it that it would be so stinking cute. Seriously. I was called a ‘Sheeple’. Out of all the names in the world that I could have been called, this was by far the sweetest. After being called this name, I felt like giving the person a hug- and that’s saying a lot because we all know, I’m not a hugger.

‘Sheeple’, it has such a nice little ring to it. I was taken quite off-guard if you want to know the truth. I’m used to being called names- pretty well every day- I’m almost certain it’s in my job description, but usually they contain the letters ‘F’ or ‘B’. This sheeple thing, I could get used to!

So apparently I am to be offended every time an internet troll realizes I believe in God and they decide to call me a sheeple. Truth-be-told, offended is the last thing I feel. I think it’s cute. Pretty much every time I hear that term, I giggle. Though this reads as sarcasm, I am being totally honest.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…” If that is the case, I am PROUD to be a sheeple. I have to need for nothing. The way my life plays out, I have learned that this is the honest truth. I have thought I needed in the past, however, each time I felt that way, I was provided for. To this day, I have no idea by who, why, or how. Glory be to God, I am a proud sheeple! (giggles).