I Hate the Clock

I am being stabbed

Over and over again.

My nerves are shot.

I am tired

They tell me to breathe

I hate breathing.

The clock is staring at me

Tick-tock Tick-tock

It is laughing at me.

I hate the clock.

Why didn’t I take the drugs?

The Pain.

Tick-tock Tick-tock

I am going to kill the clock

I scream.

“Breathe, you gotta Breathe!”

I hate breathing.

Oh God, “I gotta push!”

“No Stop! The doctor’s not here!”

The nurse slapped me.

I hate the nurse.

My husband is telling me to breathe.

“I don’t wanna breathe!”

I hate my husband.

The baby somersaults out.

I look to the clock and smile.

I hold my baby.

She is beautiful.

I thank God for her.

I give my husband a kiss.

The nurse spanks my baby

I still hate the nurse.