The Shot

The shot caused the metal to rip through his flesh at an unmeasurable speed. He could feel the heat permeate through his body as he gritted his teeth with all of his might. He didn’t know how far it traveled in him before he started to see tunnel vision. His head was throbbing and even though his heart rate was slowing down, he could feel it pounding his rib cage like that of Mike Tyson in a boxing match.

He was afraid. His brain was reciting the Lord’s Prayer followed by Psalm 23. He was becoming more and more dizzy as he smelled the iron of the warm, crimson fluid. The flash of white light presented itself as he felt the cold tile floor beneath his tired, limp body.

The blood began to pool up at the entry wound. He could feel the slaps on his face as his mother tried to wake him up.  He grimaced as the feelings of nausea hit his stomach with urgency. He felt like vomiting but was afraid to.

The next thing he knew, he was looking up desperately at the nurse as she placed the bandage on his arm. “There, there, honey, it’s all over. You won’t need another shot until next year.”