The similarities between the presidential debate and a circus.

The similarities between watching a presidential debate and a circus:

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1. You hold your breath and sit in anticipation to see what’s going to happen.
2. You cringe when you see people trying to balance the fine line.
3. Both are equally entertaining.
4. You are entertained by animals acting like animals and sometimes they act like humans.
5. You cringe at the abuse of those involved.
6. Your jaw falls agape and you hold your breath when things look awry.
7. You question on whether or not you should trust the clowns.
8. You are slightly afraid of the clowns.
9. You dread what you may see, but you force yourself to watch anyway.
10. The best part of the whole thing is the food.
11. You leave shaking your head in wonder.

Feel free to post any other similarities you can think of.

-Christina Cooper


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