Non-United States of America

Trying to do the 30 days of thankfulness and it gets harder and harder each day. Where are people’s class and dignity? I’m tired of people acting so ignorant. Frankly, I don’t care who you voted for or who you didn’t, this is not the way to treat people and to act. People make the USA the laughing stock of humanity. I am embarassed and ashamed of how the United States is so non-united.

People talk about the election being rigged. That’s ignorance too. This system needs checks and balances. The electoral college IS the checks and balance. It is NECESSARY for people to campaign everywhere instead of just the major cities. This is what gives smaller states a voice. There would never be a fair campaign without the electoral college.

Why are Americans so soft? I’ve seen people crying, I’ve seen people getting sick, some are scared to live here. I’ve seen far too much and frankly, I ask myself when in the world did we become so weak? Americans are acting like spoiled, self-righteous little brats. Did we forget that there are people so much worse off than we are throughout the world, while we are simply having a fit over a big-mouthed man becoming president.

Racism, sexism, Obamacare, homophobia, immigration, these are the topics that keep coming up- it must be nice! Half the world can’t feed themselves. I see homeless Americans every day of my life. I know men who cannot afford boots, shoes, or even socks. I know a man GRATEFUL to live in a homeless shelter- HERE IN AMERICA! Look at the rest of the world.

People, pull up your pants, tighten your belts, suck in your gut and grow up. It’s time you become an adult and face the obstacles before you. This is so dumb to me that I cannot fathom the ignorance this shows the rest of the world. Striking the president elect is not going to work. He didn’t do anything to impeach him by. He won. It’s over. Give the guy a chance, or change it in four years. Regardless, it’s time to stop bellyaching and become America United!