Perfectly Suited is a hilarious novel about Norma Nudle who is a quirky sales manager in a men’s clothing store. Her life’s ambition is to become the general manager of her own store, marry the perfect guy, own the car of her dreams, and have an outrageous, over-the-top funeral. That is of course if she can manage to stay-out-of jail due to her lead foot and her hour-long commute. Norma tends to speed through school zones, indulge in peanut butter, and lacks the ability to keep her mouth shut. During one of her traveling escapades she meets the cop of her dreams. She becomes smitten and that is where the love triangle begins. Norma has to choose between her cop, the sexy- (though possibly gay) UPS delivery guy, and the rich older fella that buys whatever she sells him. While at work, Norma is stuck training the least capable new hires, as well as straighten out some of the more seasoned ones. Often, Norma has run-ins with the local crazies living in the adult foster care home down the street. Norma often seeks out advice from her friends, though she tries to avoid her therapist mother as often as she can.


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