A Hot Shower

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Everything happened so fast.

She was in the shower washing her long, brown hair. She was inhaling the smell of the coconut shampoo when her mind traveled off to a tropical island. She could picture herself laying almost naked on a white sand beach…

Scratch that. She doesn’t like the feeling of the gritty sand all over her body. No. She was lying in a hammock on the shore of a white sandy beach. She could hear the gulls talking amongst themselves and the waves hitting the shore. The tropical fruit filled her nostrils, giving her the feeling of Heaven. She felt the warm breeze against her body. Her eyes were shut as she was taking it all in.

She thought she heard a noise. She opened up her eyes as she was reaching for the conditioner. She stood still for a moment, alert, listening to see if she heard the sound again. Nothing.

She was home alone; her husband had run to the store a little while ago.  Her children were spending some quality time with their grandmother. She quickly wondered if she locked the door.

Remembering that she had and reminding herself that the dog would bark at a stranger, she went back to the tropical beach. A smile spread slowly across her face as she imagined the hammock rocking slowly with the breeze. She was completely and totally relaxed.

She rinsed the conditioner out of her hair and slowly opened her eyes.

He was standing in the bathroom staring at her.

She screamed, knocking over the bottle of conditioner that was next to her, as she covered her naked body. Her heart was racing.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. I just forgot my wallet.”

“You’ve got to stop coming in here like that! You scared the mess out of me!”

He laughed, shutting the door behind him. So long for relaxation.