Carry my Burdens

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I am friends with a lot of people who believe a lot of things.

This is typically perfect for me.

Today is not typical.

I consider myself a religious person, but more spiritual than religious. I don’t care about the methods, the doctrine, the order of service, and who takes communion.

I do, however, believe in the Bible. I believe in miracles. I believe in spiritual gifts. I also believe in evil.

This is not the point of this post. Most likely, I’ve lost a lot of people when I mentioned the words “religious” but most definitely, “Bible.” That doesn’t matter either. This post is for me.

I really, sincerely miss my old pastors. My life is naturally stressful. I know this and I am okay with this. However, in the midst of my stress there was something comforting knowing that I had two people who were complete strangers to me 17 years ago, who 15 years ago grew to love me unconditionally. They welcomed me into their home without reservation, they hugged me and I didn’t mind it in the least, they prayed for me when I needed it most, and they showed me through their lives the different ways God performs miracles in today’s society. They believed in me through all of my struggles, and they never once laughed at one of my outlandish ideas. I’ve always been a dreamer and they encouraged me to harness that spirit about me.

I believe there are only a few people on this planet that truly understand you. We all come with different life experiences, expertise, strengths, and weaknesses. Some people naturally fit with others. I naturally fit with them. They were open with me about their life and they used to say that I changed theirs as much as they’ve changed mine. They’re older black people from the south, I am a younger white person from the north. Society wouldn’t have glued me to them, however, the love of God did.

My son learned to walk in their home. My pastor was the first person who tried to go out of his way to cook me gluten free food on purpose. Every time I needed prayer, they knew EXACTLY what I needed it for, even if I hadn’t spoken to them about anything for a few weeks. My heart was physically healed in their home. Even the doctors aren’t exactly sure what had happened, except “strangely, you no longer have heart problems.” They still love to laugh about that. I’ve always believed in miracles, but they are the only people who’ve I’ve witnessed produce them. They are simply amazing.

These are the people I think of when I am stressed. They bring me comfort, peace, and joy.

We all have struggles from time-to-time. That’s life. What makes the struggle worth it is when you have people who are willing to take some of your burdens and carry them on their backs to give you a break along the way. That’s love.