Better than ‘Paying it Forward’

A gentle reminder.

Christina Cooper Unpublished

Laying in her bed, looking at the ceiling with tears in her wrinkled brown eyes, is a woman whom has 90 years of experience. She lays there quietly as the tears stream down the creases of her fragile skin. She considers picking up her hand to wipe the moisture from her face, however, the task seems too large for her to bear.

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She lays still on her back, conscious of the urine that is collecting in her pants, but unable to do anything about it. She is in pain and though she hates laying on her back, the nurses insist it’s for her benefit. Though she is an adult, she no longer has the choice of how she may lay. She is also unable to get herself to the commode quick enough for the likings of her bladder.

She reaches for the red button. The button that is supposed to…

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