Feeling Lucky

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St. Patrick’s Day is kind of an interesting holiday for me. I am always slightly afraid that I may step on a Leprechaun, or at the very least, see one.

According to the movies, they’re as big as a little person. Presumably under 4 feet. According to my childhood imagination they are as big as my thumb. My childhood imagination also has them owning a ton of gold that one is allotted when the Leprechaun is caught. However, catching a Leprechaun is a nearly impossible feat.

The other thing is, Leprechaun’s tend to roam through people’s homes and hide candy for the children living there. Yes, as a child, my imagination went wild and my poor parents suffered the consequences of that- and it didn’t end there. The other kids in the neighborhood wondered why we were the only house on the block that the Leprechaun’s chose to visit. They would hunt all day for their hidden candy while we were sitting on the porch munching away. Other parents were frustrated because of their children’s disappointment, when normal families had no idea that Leprechauns “really do” come to visit.

After a few years of the stress, Leprechauns would visit some of the neighboring children as well. I concluded that my friends must have behaved better the next year. As an adult, I realized it was because their parents caught on and would rather buy a candy bar and hide it then have the stress of their child’s disappointment again. Who knew?

Regardless, I’m the adult now. My children find hidden Leprechaun candy. My kids are the only ones that have Leprechauns in their home. I think it’s hilarious, but Leprechaun’s in the past irritated my husband. He explained to me that we’re not Irish. I explained to him that Leprechaun’s don’t care. He asked me how do Leprechauns tote candy bars around that are bigger than them. I answered by pointing out the same way the Easter Bunny does. He asked, when do the kids grow up? I said never in a million years.

Yesterday my husband called me and asked me if the Leprechaun visited the house yet. I explained to him that I was at Walgreens. He stated that he was just making sure. Hmm. The Leprechaun must have grown on my husband just a little bit.

It saddens me to see my children growing up, but nothing brings greater joy than the kids and our goofy little traditions. I watch and smile as they search around the house for the Leprechaun candy. My 17-year-old doesn’t participate as much anymore, but even she admittedly enjoys the candy that the kids find.

When my kids would ask why the Leprechaun doesn’t visit their friends, I just tell them that they must have been extra lucky this year. My kids grin ear-to-ear and munch away. I just smile to myself for me and my brother conjuring up such a random fantasy by a small and accidental mishap. In the end, it makes for a really cool tradition.