My Dream of Ambition

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People often ask me about my choices in life and how I do the things I do. Let me share with you a dream I had the other night and maybe you will understand my logic…

I was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people at the presidential inauguration. I was the one who won the presidency. I stood on the stage to give my speech and people from all over the world were shouting for me and cheering me on.

I stand there, microphone in hand and I begin to speak. My words don’t come out. I start to stammer and stutter. I take a deep breath and start again. The same thing happens and the crowd starts to boo me off the stage.

Immediately, and much to my despair, the guy that lost to me eagerly jumps on stage, grabs the mic, and starts his acceptance speech. I look to my friend after walking off stage and say, “Does this mean that I’m not going to be president anymore?”

My friend shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, Nina, but it sure looks that way. I’m so sorry.”

I listen to the guy’s speech and I look to my friend and smile. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “That’s okay. I will run again in four years. If I won it once I sure can do it again!”

I woke up from this dream and I started to laugh. I have a freakish amount of ambition. I am not sure why I have that, but I do. I will fall over and over again, but I am bound and determined that one day I will make it. Don’t ask me when or how, I just know it will happen one day.

Until then, I may be booed off stage. I may freeze. I may need to take a few deep breaths. But when push comes to shove I will get up and do it again and eventually I will succeed. Ambition is the answer.