Hopelessly Unscathed

Seconds turned to minutes which felt more like hours. She was crouched down in the dank cellar, sure to be as silent as possible. She didn’t want to give away her hiding spot.

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She heard him nearing her. She paced her breathing, slow and steady. Her heart was racing and she feared for the worse. The way it was slamming against her ribcage, she was certain he would find her. She nervously bit her lower lip being sure not to let out a single breath in the process. Her palms were moistening by each passing measure of time. How much further she would have to wait, she had no idea, but she was determined to make it through unscathed.

She almost lost it when she felt the scurry of what she assumed to be a spider, running across her bare arm. Goosebumps broke out across her body and more than anything she wanted to brush the presumably hideous creature from her exposed flesh. She remained still- determined not to be discovered, fearing the end result otherwise.

He was so close now, she could smell the filthy aroma of his scent pushing past the smell of the mildew in the pile of old clothes she was hiding in. She held her breath even tighter, refusing to give up to him. Refusing to lose this battle once again. Her heart beating even harder, if that was possible. She screamed at it- in her brain of course- she couldn’t fathom screaming at her heart verbally, especially not at a critical moment like this.

Her lunges wanted more air. She denied them. He was so close to her now she could see his shadow twist around the wall. It was almost touching her. She prayed silently that he couldn’t see hers.

The spider must have made its way past her shirt because she could feel it scamper up her neck. Her head was screaming at her to get it off of her, but she knew she had no choice but to leave it there. She hated the spider and wanted so badly to be out of this predicament, however, she knew she was stuck for any length of time. She told her mind to calm down that she was fine. She of course didn’t feel fine.

It was at that moment that she felt his cold clammy hand grab ahold of her shoulder. “I found you.” He said, pleased with himself for his discovery.

“Uhh. I hate you, you jerk!” She yelled. “Why do you always beat me?” She asked. “I hate hide and go seek!” She stomped off, flicking the spider off of her face in the process.

His laughter filled the room as he shouted “Victory!” at the top of his lungs.