The Seance or Not

Image result for pics of people on beachIt was a warm, sunny day. The kind where you’re almost forced to go out for an ice cream cone, which is exactly what we did.

She was eating superman. I was eating deer tracks- which I learned is exactly what moose tracks is, in another brand of course. I questioned how in the world moose and deer had the same tracks when they were two totally different animals, but I didn’t fight it; mostly because it tastes good and I didn’t want to risk losing the brilliantly placed miniature peanut butter cups due to my logic. She may have thought I had an attitude problem. I decided to just keep my mouth shut and question animal droppings in my mind, while enjoying my ice cream of course.

Where else can one enjoy animal dropping ice cream but at the beach? So, we were sitting there stuffing our mouth with the sweet, cold treat. Both of us deep in thought about random subjects, I can’t speak for hers, but mine was sincerely questioning the logic of the people who write the names for ice cream. I decided I could do a much better job, when suddenly I noticed a scene that I didn’t expect.

I saw two limp bodies lying in the sand. There was a police officer standing near the bodies and a woman was standing above both bodies, dancing. I couldn’t help but stare at her. My heart started to race as I watched this woman waving her hands, circling the two bodies. She appeared to be chanting.

I strained my neck trying to hear what she was saying. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was witnessing a strange séance type of practice. I was nervous. I feared seeing one of the bodies come back to life and I wasn’t sure if that would have been a miracle, or a weird demonic type of situation. I glanced at my daughter, after momentarily forgetting she was there. I saw her munching on her ice cream, the blue gathering at the corners of her mouth, she was kind of watching the woman dance over the bodies as well.

As I stare at this woman, I am appalled to see her poke and prod the lifeless bodies. She poked each one of them, then she picked up a foot and lay it down gently. My mind tried to figure out what the heck was going on. I picture this older couple who happened to have this one lady in common, both dying at a relatively similar time, probably deeply in love, when this woman decides to use literal magic to attempt to bring them back.

I was frustrated that the cop standing there didn’t arrest her, which made me wonder if it was a weird religious practice- and somehow legal. She pranced around the two bodies, top to bottom, side to side, poking and prodding and chanting. My daughter said something to me and I was so preoccupied with this, that her voice startled me.

She laughs. “What’s the matter, Mom?”

I answered her with, “Don’t you notice that weird lady trying to bring those two bodies back to life? Is that even legal? Why isn’t the cop doing anything?”

My daughter laughs. I look at her questioningly. She gives me a look like I’m handicapped.

“Mom, they’re doing yoga.”