Inspired by Roaches

My inspiration comes from a roach

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People talk about roaches and they get totally grossed out. I know some people who would rather have mice in their home than finding a roach in it.

At one point in history a derogatory name you would call people is ‘roach’. I remember several fights happening at school because of this name.

Stand-up comedians talk about roaches often. They discuss the idea that when you turn a light on, they scatter. They discuss the concept that a roach will live through anything, including a nuclear explosion, and be fine. Roaches are strong and resilient.

I think about them and their purpose in life. Roaches have a goal. They want to get food from some place or another and share it with all of their roach friends. Roaches are not selfish creatures, instead, they communicate well and look out for each other.

I am terrified of bugs and especially of roaches. I know they won’t hurt me, but they definitely are creepy to look at. I decided that I will strive to be like them.

Some may think I’m creepy to look at, but they stare at me anyway, fascinated by the idea that I don’t back down. I don’t stop. I get road block after road block and I find new paths to get there. I have a ton of ambition and put myself in the strangest of circumstances, and though I may come out dirty from time to time, I live and learn through it. Some push me away, but I am persistent. People have not ruined me. I have dreams that others poke at, but I continuously find myself edging near the goal every single day. A lot of people fear me and I use that to my advantage to maintaining my edge. People don’t ‘get’ me nor do they value the idea of me, yet, they watch and feel somewhat threatened or inspired by me. I value the lives of my friends, and I also value the nutrients that come from the trees around me. I fear water but will wade through it. I love sugar and find no shame in sharing some with my family and friends. I am constantly climbing to achieve greatness and though I find myself scattering due to fear from time to time, I never truly hide my presence.

Indeed, I am inspired by a roach.