Play Nice America

Isn’t it somewhat ironic that in the middle of all of the hate that America has been experiencing, we get some severe weather and then you don’t hear about the riots, the protests, who’s democratic or republican, the racial divide, the hate crimes, etc.

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It’s a little more ironic to me that on Sept. 11th as the storms were diminishing, then united people came together to start cleaning up. Fire personnel, military, police, good Samaritans, medical, etc. from all races, socioeconomic statuses, from all political viewpoints, etc.

Honestly, America, I didn’t know if we still had it in us. Individually, I know a lot of really great people who do a lot of amazing things on a daily basis. However, people have been so frustrated and scorned lately that I honestly was surprised to see Americans getting along with their fellow man like they should.

We teach children to “play nicely.” What type of example have we been setting? For the past few years we’ve been mistreating, whining, complaining, tattling, and doing everything else that we teach kids not to do. When our children do this, we make them hug each other, sit together and hold hands, etc.

I see what God did there. So, it took a catastrophe to get us to “play nice.” Just like it takes a huge fight, argument, or disagreement with our children for us as parents to step in. I sit on my couch smiling in awe. This makes total and complete sense to me.