‘Perfectly Torn’


Norma Nudle, a quirky and loveable sales manager at a men’s clothing store is ‘Perfectly Torn’ between two very different men, her so-hot-he-melts cop and her rich and sweet older customer who showers her with lavish gifts (that Mustang is her first love!). Still speeding through life, precariously balancing the insanity at work with heart-wrenching decisions on her future, Norma gets herself into hilarious hijinks.
A dating service for the elderly, embarrassing emergency room visits, and a ticking biological clock with the biggest decision of her romantic life staring her in the face, Norma’s need for speed, her best friend, Rena, and her love for peanut butter are her constant to help her choose her perfect match. Will her crazy assumptions prove to be true, or is it her endearing insecurities that are getting the best of her?