Miracles do Happen

I believe miracles happen. The following may seem small to many, but to me it was nothing short of a miracle.

I left my friend’s house after working on my book. I was doing some of the finishing touches and after 6-8 months of hard work, I was grateful to be in the final stages. As I was driving home, I was near exit 16, which is the Coopersville exit. It was at that moment that I had an overwhelming sensation that I needed to email myself a copy of my novel. Right then.
I laughed. I actually said out loud, “I can’t email myself right now, I don’t have WIFI.” I couldn’t shake the feeling, but there was nothing I could do about it.
As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I walked into the door, set my computer on the couch, and opened my laptop. I didn’t even stop to take off my shoes. My husband looked at me like I was crazy. I quickly emailed myself the book and I felt a sudden rush of relief. I then jumped into the shower and went to bed.
These habits are not like me. I am the kind of person that doesn’t back up files, let alone email myself. It was strange. I noticed, my husband noticed, but I did it still the same.
The next morning, I woke up and my husband said to me, “I wanted to wake you last night, but you were sound asleep and I knew you’d be upset, so I decided to wait.”
“What happened?” I asked.
“Your computer completely crashed and you lost literally everything. Your books and everything else. I’m really sorry.” I started to laugh. “What’s so funny?” He asked.
“I emailed it to myself last night. That’s what I was doing when the computer was sitting on the couch.”
“How did you know to do that?”
“I didn’t. I just had a nagging gut feeling.”
“Good thing you listened to it.”
“It gets better. I didn’t lose the three other novels either. I happened to have emailed my daughter one last week to read. Everything happens to be backed up. I’ve never done that before.”
“You got lucky.”
“No, I didn’t. God answered my prayer. I always ask him for his support with my dreams. This is him telling me he’s behind me a hundred percent.”
5 days later. I get the call from the computer store.
“Yes?” I ask.
“I have your computer fixed, but we have a problem.”
“What’s that?” I ask.
“I’ve never seen this before, but you lost literally everything that was on your hard-drive. It’s so weird because your hard-drive is still working. Nothing’s wrong with it. It’s just that for some unapparent reason your files disappeared. There’s nothing we can do to bring them back.”
“That’s okay. Thanks for trying. The computer still works though, right?”
“Yes, it’s in perfect working condition.”
“Thank you.”
I hung up the phone laughing. There was literally no cause, no reason for my computer to crash or my files to disappear. None.