So, here’s the truth; Today I had a lousy day. Nothing specific happened, it was simply a yuck day. The kind of day where I could walk away and never look back. The kind that makes you want to run really fast to your car before you’re asked to do another training, more paperwork, or help with a crisis. And when I say run, I mean we’re talking sprint. I’m a big girl, so that paints a pretty clear picture of what I’m saying when I’m willing to run.
I get into the car and talk to my friend. Apparently, she’s breathing whatever air I’m breathing, which is weird because we live and work in different cities, because she’s having a really bad day too. I talk to her and then my mom, but really my brain is busy, and I don’t have much to say. It takes me an hour to get to and from work. Sometimes that hour is long, sometimes short. Today it took a year.
I finally breathed the minute I saw the City of Muskegon water tower. My stomach literally flip-flopped at the excitement I felt being in Muskegon. I relaxed a little, knowing I only had a few more minutes left of my drive; when with perfect timing the song, ‘Home’ by Michael Buble came on. That’s when my eyes welled up.
I watched the cars with the loud stereo systems and big rims pass me, I saw people gathered in a group chatting, kids riding across the street in the middle of the road, cop cars parked next to each other as the police were holding a conversation, people shouting, others laughing, three different types of ethnic food shops all next to each other and all I could think to my self is, ‘Home’.
When people ask me why I commute, the answer is because at the end of the night I get to go home, and I blatantly love it there.