Suffering in Silence

This is important to her. From the days she’s missed in school, to the parties she’s never been able to attend. She’s been in surgery twice already and has the possibility of several more. She’s been told she may not be able to have children, though if she can she would be able to feel at least a little bit of relief.
Orchard View didn’t believe that she would be able to graduate, and they were very surprised when she pulled through. After all of the struggles she’s had, she made it into college- only to be told once again that she was too sick to attend. Because of her hope and ambition, she changed her educational plans and is currently enrolled again, this time giving her the opportunity to treat her illness while she studies.
She doubles over in pain, sometimes sleeps for hours on out, and she vomits for no apparent reason. People are afraid to catch what she has. When she explains to her job, or to her friends, that she’s not contagious she gets accused of ‘faking it’ to get out of work or school. Sometimes she’s told that she’s weak and that she should just brush it off and keep going. The exact opposite is true. She’s not weak at all and in fact she’s quite the opposite.
There are moments when my child looks yellow. She spikes fevers for no apparent reason. She’s gotten dizzy and has passed out several times. She complains of fatigue and severe pain. Sometimes we have to plan around her illness, but typically she misses out on things.
My daughter is selfless and strong. There are times when she questions why she was forced to be so sick, but then somehow, she works through it. There is no medication to fix her. Surgery didn’t do anything for her either. She’s told that there’s not much they can do for her.
Her 18th birthday is coming up. The only thing she’s asked for is for donations toward endometriosis research. She’s hoping they find a cure one day, or at least a treatment to make her life more comfortable. If you’re looking to donate to a cause this Christmas season, please consider her plea.

Follow the link below to donate.