Drama in Biology

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We were in biology class on a Friday afternoon. I was fiddling with my shoe as I noticed a man with a trench coat standing outside of the window. He was partially hidden by a weeping willow tree, but periodically, I would notice him peeking through staring at us as if he wanted to come inside.
I could feel the nervousness surge through my body, something about a guy standing out there like that made me feel uncomfortable. My head went to all those stories of weird random guys going crazy at schools and shooting everybody. As soon as I pictured that, I decided to raise my hand and notify my teacher. I wanted to do so quietly, so the guy wouldn’t notice me.
My teacher looked at me funny as he noticed my arm twitching slightly just to get his attention. He was a young, good-looking microbiologist that decided to settle down and start teaching after he met his wife. We would argue over him, each questioning if he was single which one of us he would choose.
He would tell us stories about his international work with military intelligence. He could never go into much detail, but often he would tell us that we were fortunate to live by the Great Lakes and how people need to pay attention to what they put in the water, because water is what could cause a true international disaster. Especially an abundance of fresh water such as the Great Lakes. They were what attracted him to the state of Michigan to begin with.
Regardless, he gave me a look. I silently with just some head gestures tried to persuade him to look out the window. He didn’t get the jest of what I was doing at first, but after a few minutes and a few stares by the other students in the class, the teacher finally glanced out there. As soon as he saw what it was I was trying to tell him, like a pro, he continued with his lecture as normal, as not to alert the guy that we were onto him. My teacher during his lecture, quietly told us not to look out the window for security reasons and he explained to us that we needed to nod and raise our hands as if he were lecturing, but not to look inconspicuous. We did as we were told while he picked up the telephone and alerted the office staff.
Soon, we saw a police officer approach the man. We were all bystanders as the man was put into the cruiser. We stood there in awe as we watched the police pull big guns, one-by-one out of the man’s luggage bag and put them in the trunk of the cruiser. My entire school was on a lock-down and soon the news trucks came by.
It was dramatic to say the least. The one thing that I really took home from this incident is how my class reached new heights when it came to working together, and how many other teachers would have never even paid attention to what a student was telling them. I will never forget the day me and my teacher saved the whole school.