Feeling Watched

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I stood there naked, blissfully soaking up the steam. I could feel the tension alleviate my muscles one-by-one from top-to-bottom. The hot water had left red marks on my pale skin. The aroma from the lather of soap permeated through the bathroom. It smelled of a combination of coconut and some other mild flavored fruit.
My eyes were shut, but I began to feel slightly uneasy. It was as if someone were staring at me. I opened my eyes and glanced around the bathroom, half expecting to find my husband on the other side of the shower curtain. Feeling somewhat better when I realized nobody was in the room with me, I closed my eyes once more.
I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair when I felt the slightest tickle on my shoulder. It gave me goosebumps. I glanced only to find nobody there. Again. I started to question my own paranoia. I just shook my head and added the hair conditioner.
I took a deep breath and inhaled the eucalyptus scented, charcoal facewash. As it turned into a creamy lather on my face I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone touched my leg. I opened my eyes to the burning sensation from the soap. Quickly, I rinsed my face off. I felt it again. My heart was racing as I threw open the curtain. Again, I saw no one.
That is until I glanced down and there he was staring back at me. With his dark hair wet from my shower water, I let out a terrifying scream. My husband must have heard me, even though he was in the basement. He came bounding into the bathroom asking me what happened. I couldn’t speak.
My mouth was agape with only senseless utters escaping me. With a shaking finger, I pointed. My husband rolled his eyes with the realization.
“The spider?” He asked flatly.
“Uh-huh.” I managed. He just shook his head, grabbed some toilet paper and took care of my intruder. Finally, I could shower peacefully.