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It’s been a while- a ton of things happening on the home front, but, I have come to the realization that I need to keep moving forward. I had a pastor teach me once that the devil loves pushing us off track. I believe that.
I have battled recently with, “Do I possess any talent at all?” and “Why is writing so important to me if it’s next to impossible to achieve?” Or the infamous, “Why do I do this to myself?”
I have never been the type of girl who looks at the glass as half empty. Lately though, I have been plagued with distractions. Fear, worry, anxiety. My kid is really sick and now we have three doctors and no answers. Times are confusing. Work is crazy. I’ve lost people who were close to me. I’m surrounded by sickness. Cars are breaking down. Money is being thrown out in every direction. My computer broke, my phone broke, etc. etc. On top of everything else, I’m physically drained and my sleep stuff is hitting me at the wrong time.
I was thinking of all of these things today as I watched my 12-year-old get her ears pierced. For one moment, all was right with the world. I realized, I have a story to tell. It has a deadline of April. This story isn’t like the other books I wrote. This one hits home with me- hard. It’s about the topic that hurts me the most. Racism. Just at a time when a guy at work tells me racism isn’t real. It dawned on me that Satan doesn’t want me to tell my story. All the questions I’ve been asking myself as of late- and today it dawns on me- I’m doing the right things because I’m being attacked hard core.
I’ve been taught that the road we’re supposed to travel isn’t easy. This is my testimony for today. I’m not a quitter. Regardless if I have talent or not, this is what I love. I’d do it everyday for free if I had to. It brings me joy. So here I am, unstoppable. I’m attacked and I’m saying bring it. I got this.