No Pain Incident

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She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled.
“Was that supposed to hurt?” She asked. He stared at her, not understanding what just happened. He was startled, in shock even. He knew she was strong, but this was creepy. Besides, where did the knife come from? He was just giving her a hug, he’d never seen a knife like that in his life. His heart was racing with fear.
“My body is a shell. My soul lives forever. You can hurt my body as much as you would like, but the truth is, my soul lives on and on.” She passed the knife back to him. Reluctantly, he grabbed it.
“I didn’t know where that came from.” He said, hoping she believed him.
“You did. You just stabbed me with it.” She said, sending him daggers. His heart was racing. He didn’t do anything, suddenly he felt sick.
“Honestly. I’ve never seen that before in my life.” He said, feeling the lump in his throat.
“No worries, I told you my soul lives forever. You can’t hurt me. I do think that it’s time for you to leave though. I mean, who am I to keep around a guy who would literally stab me in the back- or front for that matter? You need to go.” She said. His heart was pounding. He was afraid. Scared. Unsure of what happened. He questioned his sanity. What was this? His ears were ringing and again he felt the need to defend himself.
“I didn’t do it. Seriously. I’ve never seen that before. I didn’t do anything.” He tried.
“Go. Just go.” She said. He turned around and grabbed the door handle. She started to laugh, hysterically.
“I’m kidding. It’s just plastic she said. Happy April Fool’s Day.” He threw up.

2 thoughts on “No Pain Incident

  1. Amy Alexander

    Okay, this got me! I was so into the story and you just ripped the band-aid off LOL! You should consider writing a supernatural novel – maybe someone immortal. It would be quite interesting! 🙂


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