The Lesson on Life

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He touched her face gently, in the most obscure way. It was as if he knew this was the last time he would ever kiss her good-bye. She felt a sense of finality to it. A magnet was keeping her with him, but the demands of her job forced her to leave. She felt an unfamiliar emptiness grow in the depths of her gut.
She started the car, wanting more than anything to run back into the house, to collapse in the arms of the man she vowed to love forever. Time was ticking. She backed out of the drive and then watched her house until she could no longer see it.
She drove toward the highway, replaying the softness in his eyes and the gentleness of his fingertips as she pressed forward. Something felt foreign to her, off even. She glanced toward the sky, asking God to protect him, because she was sure something wasn’t right.
She couldn’t focus on her work. The day drove on slowly, the entire time she was uneasy. She watched her phone closely, just in case she were to get a call. Why she was expecting one was absurd, it was just a strange feeling.
As she drove home that evening, she felt the tears sting her face as her mind raced over the course of their relationship. She realized the fights were pointless, unnecessary even. She knew that she didn’t always find the value in him that he deserved. Most of the time she took him for granted, as if he were always going to be there.
She nervously held her breath as she unlocked the door. As soon as she did, the smell hit her. She glanced toward the living room to find him laying still on the couch. She let out a small gasp.
“What’s the matter?” He asked.
“I thought you were dead.” She replied honestly. He gave her a funny look.
“I’m okay, but you might die after you eat this horrible attempt at meatloaf.” He snickered as he walked into the kitchen to grab a plate. She stood there in awe, with tears streaming down her face. She had no idea what had gotten into her, but she was glad it did. She needed that gentle reminder to keep life into perspective. She learned we never know how much time we have, so we need to live it the best way we can, loving as fully as we can.

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