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I could hardly believe my eyes today as I got out of bed. For the first time in literally 6 months, Michigan is at 70 degrees!

I was in shock!

Not only did I see a flower that was bloomed (after only two days of having sun after 6 months of snow), my freckles popped up! I forgot I had freckles!!!

This winter has been long and treacherous. Horrible actually. I am so tired of this winter.

So, I’m actually thrilled when I was able to leave my house without a coat on. Seriously, 5 days ago, we were scraping ice off the cars. 5 days ago!!

Soccer was cancelled, baseball rescheduled, schools were closed due to ice.

Today, we had sun. SUN!!!

I realize after this winter, I will NOT complain about heat. This year, I will just grin and bear it. WE FINALLY HAVE SUN!!! 😀

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