Almost 40 and a Girl!

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I was at the park with my children. My son needed practice throwing the ball. His aim is off a little, though his arm is solid.
I played softball on various teams my whole life. I happen to have a pretty good arm on me and no fear of a ball regardless how fast it’s coming toward my face.
That said, I’ve blown my knee out a total of three times. Additionally, I’ve broken my tailbone a total of three times. I am accident prone and tend to get myself into strange situations that cause me physical damage, mostly while I’m showing off.

Anyway, because of the injuries, I don’t run. I honestly believe if I did my bone would split in half vertically. It’s already got a good sized hole in the bone. So, we were playing catch and my son is whipping the ball at me and I tell him if he doesn’t throw it to me, he’s going to have to run after it because I’m not running.
He agreed. Because of that, he was quite focused on throwing the ball in my vicinity.
However, on one occasion he whipped the ball and it was about 20 feet to my right. I didn’t make him chase it, but I didn’t hurry to get it either. I just kind of strolled over to it. Not paying attention to my surroundings, I grab the ball and throw it across the park and right at my son. I know he can handle it, and he did.
He throws it back and missed me as his target again. This time out of frustration I say to him, “Come on, I’m almost 40 years old, with a broken knee, and I’m a girl! Why on Earth am I playing better than you?!”
That’s when I heard some guys about ten years younger than me, start to giggle. I just shrugged my shoulders and laughed. When I threw the ball, all I could hear was one of the guys say, “Damn!”
Point proven.
That’s when my son stepped it up. I knew he had it in him. LOL!

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