Seek and Find

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When all feels lost, hope comes in many forms.
It’s as simple as a white feather found on the side of the road, perched elegantly in the mud. Finding that feather can feel like a miracle, an answer to your continuous plea to God. A fresh breath in a smoke filled room.
There are times in life when we feel sad, angry, or hurt. Times when life is confusing. Love is pulling you one way, but life pulls you the other. You’re torn in half and for a moment you just want a zipper to pull you together again.
A penny reflecting the sunlight on the middle of the sidewalk can give your grieving heart some peace. A note or card that had been forgotten long ago, or the sweet scent of the past can give some much needed comfort.
We need that invisible hug, or that soft pat on the back. Occasionally we need a miracle or two just to know that we haven’t been forgotten.
My thoughts on this are, when you need it, ask for it and then expect it. Look for it. Ask God for some comfort and then find it. Seek and you will find. I love that saying. Perhaps that random visit from a friend isn’t so random after all.

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