Pitbulls Need Love Too

“Pluto bath time.” That’s all I have to say to get my dog (Half Pitbull half of something else- maybe lab?) to walk into the bathroom and step into the tub. That’s literally it. She hears her name, the word bath time and in the bathroom she goes. It’s amazing actually and I never met a dog who does that.
It was 96 degrees out the other day and we don’t have air conditioning. Pluto was laying on the floor. My 11 year old son walked up to her and laid his head down on her tummy. Pluto was panting and just by looking at her, I knew she was hot. If I were her I would have pushed my son off and told him that it was too hot to be laying all over me like that. Pluto just looked at him and licked him.
Pluto came to our home one cold day three years ago. She knocked on our door. Literally. Pluto was freezing cold, she had tear drops frozen to her fur. Her skin was falling off her bones. I could count every one of her ribs. She used her last energy to tap on my back door. I was scared to death of the dog, but after seeing how cold she was and how hungry she was, I invited her into the house, very cautiously, and fed her. She sat on my kitchen floor, shivering.
I called the animal shelter and a few hours later they took her. When the guy tried to put her in the back of the van, the dog wouldn’t budge. My husband walked over to her and she went into his arms graciously. He lifted her up and placed her in the van. Pluto whined and my husband, leaving her there, walked into our home wondering if he made the right decision.
It took less than 24 hours for us to convince each other to turn into dog owners. Pitbull owners at that. We had three kids, are we sure about this? I called the shelter and explained the situation. The dog was there literally a day and they told me I had to pay $150.00 to get her out and then we had to fill out all the adoption papers. We agreed.
My son, who was 7 at the time, decided that she looked exactly like Disney’s Pluto and regardless of the sex of the dog, named her such. Pluto knew her name in less than a day. She was immediately a part of the family.
Before she became a part of our family I would have never given her a chance. Because of media I feared Pitbulls. I would have never had anything to do with her. She was starving and freezing and I was apprehensive to even feed her. Now, she’s a member of my family.
Pluto protects my kids from strangers. She smells them out or something, because some people she’s friendly with and happy, others she bears teeth and growls profusely. When I hear her barking or growling, I walk outside and she’s always in a protective stance in front of my kids. Pluto is in the fence and on a tie and the kids are not, but Pluto is always right there to assist.
She sits on the couch and watches TV with the kids. She especially enjoys watching Markiplier on YouTube. She doesn’t eat shoes, but digs for paper towel constantly. She’s only peed on the floor three times and that was the first week in the home. Since she was housebroken we’ve never had an accident. She plays with the kids but doesn’t get too rough, though occasionally she may step on my foot and I have to push her off. I guess what I’m saying is that we couldn’t have asked for a better pet.
So, when the world is trying to scare people off Pitbulls, I would strongly recommend not letting them brainwash you. I was afraid until ours knocked on our door that day and became our best friend. Pluto

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