Not My Plans!

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“Christina, you don’t understand- this was not my plan!” She said it to me in-between sobs. I thought about it for a moment. Plans have to be one of the most ridiculous concepts in the entire world.
What is a plan actually? If I were to break it down, a plan is us making decisions about our lives. In other words, it’s like a map breaking down the directions of where we are going to go. One misconception that I often think of, we are not living OUR lives. Granted, not everyone sees it the same way as I do. However, going by what I believe, I didn’t make myself, therefore my life is not actually mine to plan.
Some don’t agree and that’s their choice. The other thought that comes to mind is that plans are never made with problems, causing them not to be realistic. How many people who make plans for their life plan on failing? Probably zero. Or the few that do are constantly labeled a pessimist. We are forced to fail because through failing is the way that we grow. If we never failed we would be stunted in development. However, nobody actually plans the fail.
For example, how many actually say, “I think I’m going to get fired from my job?” Or, “Today is the day that I’m going to get a flat tire. I better pack the spare.” How about, “Honey, I’m going to dye my hair the wrong color, would you mind running to the store and buying me a package of honeydew hair dye so I can fix the mistake?” Seriously. It never happens that way.
Nope, plans are meant to not work out. Plans aren’t awful. It’s good to try and have a plan. But just as it’s good to try and have a plan, it’s equally good to understand that things don’t always go our way. Growth happens through lack of planning- though honestly, more through failure.
My best moments in life were the ones I didn’t plan. The spontaneous road trip that ended up with some adventures that me and my husband still talk about to this date. That wasn’t planned. Getting pregnant at 18 and then wondering how I was going to make ends meet instead of going off to college- that wasn’t planned- however, that was when I grew the most in my life. It also shaped me into the person I am now. Praise God for lack of planning! How about jumping out of a moving vehicle when I was accidentally getting kidnapped? Nope, not planned at all- but I love love love the story. How about the day I fell and broke my tailbone? Not planned, but definitely I laugh about that one regularly.
To be honest, I am grateful my life doesn’t go as planned. If it did, I would still be working retail. Or I would be limited to my job as a therapist. I would never write. I would never have kids. I wouldn’t have my dog. My daughter wouldn’t be in soccer. I wouldn’t have my car. I would have never been married to my husband. My plans have been broken many times. And each time my plans have been broken, though at the time it may have hurt, I’ve always come out a stronger, more educated, happier person.
So no, it wasn’t in your plans. Something good must be happening in your life. Lucky you!

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